The Order REDLICHIIDA (Richter, 1932)

The representatives of the REDLICHIIDA are relatively primitive trilobites. The highly segmentation of the thorax is typical of this Order, whereupon the pleura are running into spines. It is assumed that the majority of this early trilobites were predators.

The Redlichiida are covering the Suborders Olenellina and Redlichiina.


The image shows a representative of the Suborder Redlichiina.

 Paradoxides gracilis

(Quelle: Trilobites, Levi-Setti, 1993)


Lower Cambrian until the end of the Middle Cambrian.


The great Cephalon is designed semicircularand has genal spines. The glabella is typically elongated, prominently segmented and is species-specific anterior broaden or reducing towards cephalons border. Furthermore the Redlichiida have great crescent eyes. Most species developed the conterminant hypostome type (predators). A wide rostral plate is typically present.





The thorax is highly segmented whereupon some species has more than 60 segments (Suborder Redlichiina), whose pleura as arule are ending in pleural spines.




The pygidium is designed micropygous (Gr.- small), i. e. the pygidium is much smallish developed than the cephalon. The number of segments ranges from only one to very little segments.




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